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Santa's Lost Buttons Book Cover Competition and Button Trail Winners!

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Book Cover Illustrator Competition

First Place - Tegan

Well Done Tegan who illustrated a beautiful book cover containing everything Christmassy possible! 😉 Tegan was awarded a signed copy of Santa’s Lost Buttons and a chocolate treat presented to her by Kirsty-Louise.

Book Cover Illustrator Competition

Runner Up - Kingsley

Well done to Kingsley! (unavailable for photo)

Runner up Kingsley added some wording to his front cover! Perhaps a new way to display a book blurb? Very novel 😉 and imaginative too. Runner Up well deserved and some chocolate too!

Santa's Lost Buttons Christmas Trail

The First Santa’s Lost Buttons Christmas Trail around the village of Keyingham

was organised this year by Perfect Reasons' Author Kirsty-Louise Garbutt

and Keyingham Primary School.

Duncan Kirk provided eight wonderfully crafted large black silhouette wooden buttons which were displayed around the village in eight different locations. A button could be found at five residential locations, all of whom happily volunteered to join in. With huge thanks and appreciation for your participation.

One of the large black buttons was located at Keyingham Primary School on the front gates for all to see and another button was proudly displayed on the Author's house too!

Two local businesses kindly joined in the fun, each displaying a button on the front of their premises. McGintys' Bakery baked and sold Santa's Lost Buttons shortbread biscuits for the children (and adults!) to eat whilst on the search for Santa's Lost Buttons. Perfect for a winter's afternoon in the fresh air. Also, the Ship Inn displayed a button at their door to welcome all for a festive drink once the trail had been completed.

McGintys' All Butter Santa's Lost

Buttons Shortbread Biscuits

Winner of the Santa's Lost Button Trail goes to Denis!

Denis who not only found all of the buttons around the village but photographed them all too too! His efforts were rewarded with a signed copy of Santa’s Lost Buttons and chocolate presented to him by Kirsty-Louise.

A real budding explorer in the making with the creative flare of a skilled magazine editor no less!

Runner Up of the Santa's Lost Button Trail

is awarded to Arlo!

Arlo (seen in the picture) came in as Runner Up along with four more students (unavailable for pictures) who all won chocolate for braving the elements and finding all of Santa's Lost Buttons around the village!

Well done everyone! We have had such fun finding Santa’s Lost Buttons with you and great delight in judging the best book cover competition ever!

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