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£10 & Free Postage! That’s a White Christmas Deal at Perfect Reasons Publications!

Well this is a first! We've never joined in on Black Friday as quite frankly, I am not a fan!

I am not totally convinced the deals real? The prices are often hiked up weeks leading up to Black Friday and then dropped to what they should have been anyway, so I have heard at least! Not that I am a customer expert or anything haha! However, there are some good genuine deals out there, usually from small business so I am not going to spoil any form of Christmas fun if Black Friday is a favourite of yours ❤️

So what I have done is give you a GARBO'S REAL DEAL! I do love a right good Christmas Saving!

I've popped a White Christmas deal on the website for you which is a saving on both books and then postage too! For example if buying both books together it would normal cost £26.85, So with both books now £10 each for ease and free postage you will save £6.85!

It's bonkers barmy madness! But I don't care as long as lots of little ones get to share a wonderfully Magical Christmas and find Santa's Buttons in their home this Christmas morning, that's what it is all about. Spreading the joy far and wide.

Have a toptastic shopping day My Darlings ❤️ Go grab yourself a bargain and remember the fabulous small buisnesses out there who will remember and treasure your purchase forever.

With Love


aka Mrs Claus to the littles!

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