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Hello Snogdrops! Santa’s Lost Buttons & The ELF.B.I. Tour with Perfect Reasons Publications

It is most definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas! With the festive season soaring to the skies in Lancashire, Clitheroe at the MIB Christmas Market, Moorlands Private School.

The queue to hear Santa's Lost Buttons and The ELF.B.I. before the children told Santa Claus they have all been very good this year, was all the way down the wonderfully decorated period style corridor and out onto the street! What a spectacular sight to behold and my heart was beating along to "a wonderful sight, we're happy tonight, walking in a Winter Wonderland"

The setting was the most magical scene with Santa's cabin dressed in its seasonal splendour providing the magical wonder and delights you would expect to see as Santa checked his lists, not once this year, but twice!

Hundreds of children came along to hear my stories and see a real Santa Button that provides the Magic to transform any non-believer in the room back into a their former childhood heart and mind of a firm Believer.

Smiles for miles and happy children everywhere filled my heart with so much joy. The memories of a wonderful day in the Ribble Valley with parents, grandparents and children enjoying the festivities will stay with me forever.

My mission, to prolong those precious Believe Years of childhood, will continue for as long as the children and parents need me. I will always be here to help them keep the Magic of Christmas in their hearts.

If you are looking for your own price of Christmas Magic with festive stories to thrill and delight, please do visit my website. When purchasing The ELF.B.I. to celebrate its first Christmas, *enter code ELFBI even with other items in your cart and receive a little piece of Magic for your wallet too!

*Limited time only.

With Love

Mrs Claus ❤️

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