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The Season of Christmas Magic is Fast Approaching for Santa’s Lost Buttons and The ELF.B.I.

Well hello darling! How the Dickens are you? It has been a while since I wrote a blog for you. Will you pwetty pwease forgive me?

In my defence your honour, it has been a jolly busy time. This year has been crazy!

With the release of The ELF.B.I. and The Search For Santa's Sleigh, promoting my books with the magic of Santa's Lost Buttons being discovered more and more each year! Not without mentioning writing and editing new totally brillofab stories for 2024 and working "steadily" with Meneer and Hullabazoodle. Let me tell you, I'm not sure if I'm Arthur, Martha, Dickens or Scrooge ~ well, defo not Scrooge! One thing is for sure though, it's a fabaroonie festive RUSH!

We've also been busy producing Santa's Button pouches for the little ones to place under their pillow ready for Christmas morning when Santa has really been! Should a Santa button be found, the children can keep their Santa treasure safe and sound in a beautiful satin button pouch. Available only on the Perfect Reasons Publications website.

Christmas author bookings as Santa's Storyteller have filled the diary for the end of November and throughout December! Moorlands Private School in The Ribble Valley being one such divine appointment! The MIB Ribble Valley Christmas Fayre on 12th November really has all of the Magic of Christmas feels and I for one, cannot wait! Eeeeeeks! Just look at its srumdiddliumptiousness! Try saying that after a glass of fizz! If you're in Lancashire on 12th November come along! It's one incredible event!

Well now, it is that time of the year when Mrs Claus is about to take Santa's sleigh and collect his special buttons from the Elfactory and pick up some candy canes too, Belle's favourite! It is almost time to spruce up Santa's iconic red suit ready for his busiest night of the year!

But Mrs Claus needs to beware, there's a mischievous frost in the air! On no!

Toodle Pipples for now my darling!

𝓦𝓲𝓽𝓱 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮



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So very excited to see my friends children’s faces when reading the new book xx

Replying to

I’m super excited for you all too! Thank you so very kindly x

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