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Eeeeks! Celebrate Santa’s Lost Buttons 2nd Birthday With Me And Take A Fabulous Gift Too!

29th October 2023 and I can safely say, look Mama. I did it!

Santa's Lost Buttons celebrates its 2nd Birthday and has come so far! Also, SLB's cheeky lil' bro, The ELF.B.I. and The Search For Santa's Sleigh will reach its one month milestone on 30th October! Naaaaawww!

What a rush! What an adventure! What an icy road travelled with slips, trips and falls which only made me stronger to succeed! Boy oh boy with two awards, best selling status and royal accolade, I don't think I did half bad! Placing the Magic of Christmas in Your Hands was and always will be, my greatest mission. The children deserve the Magic for as long as possible.

To celebrate Santa's Lost Buttons birthday I am sharing the success of my Award-Winning debut children's book with a Birthday Gift for our fabulous VIPs and followers to thank you for always being there and for always being you! Which is pretty darn faaaaablous darling!

When you spend £21, which is less than any two books when bought together, you will receive a £5 discount! All you have to do is use my special code "BIRTHDAY" at the checkout! Simples! What's more is you can use this code however many times you like! So go on, like a Boots Advantage Card Holder at Christmas, abuse them system! Or is that just me? Hmmm?

That means you could purchase two Santa's Lost Buttons for just £8.45 each or mix and match with The ELF.B.I. as many times as you like, the choice is yours! Eeeeks double the delight and double the amount of magic and excitment will reach children and families everywhere! Most definitely Placing the Magic of Christmas in Your Hands!

Ahhhh I'm all emosh so what's left to be said is Happy 2nd Birthday to Belle the Elf who I know would like to say a huge thank you for helping her come to life and I would personally like to give you a big snogalicous mwah, just from me to you!

𝓦𝓲𝓽𝓱 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮



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