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December 2021 - Author Visits Keyingham Primary & Withernsea Primary School - Santa's Lost Buttons

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

In the midst of a pandemic, Kirsty was thrilled to be able to visit three schools in the East Riding region, albeit under strict guidelines for the protection of all involved.

With Kirsty's visit to Paull Primary complete (see Blog 23 Nov 2021) she was then invited to Keyingham Primary on 1st December and Withernsea Primary on 3rd December.

The children at both schools were engaging, inquisitive and excited for the Author's reading and book signing. "Their excitement was so infectious!" Kirsty later said.

Above: Keyingham Primary

Left: Withernsea Primary

"I had such fun at both schools. The children were just the best behaved pupils I have ever seen! Their enjoyment of the story, surprise and shock at seeing a real Santa's button was exquisite to see. Their intelligent questions which followed the story, filled me with pride and joy. The Head Teachers and parents of all the children I met must feel so very proud of their little ones".

Kirsty found great enjoyment in speaking with the children before story time as she signed their books and later answering their questions too. Kirsty was thrilled at the level of interest shown by the children at KS1 and KS2 for the life of an Author and Illustrator. She was compelled by their enthusiasm and offered support and encouragement to keep writing, reading and drawing and for them to always follow their heart and dreams.

After announcing her plans to write more stories, all three schools Kirsty visited in her debut year as an Author, look forward to having Kirsty back to read again for the children.

As the final school visit came to an end and the festive season for 2021 closed, Kirsty had this to say about the Teachers and Head Teachers she met;

"I cannot thank the Teachers and Head Teachers at both Keyingham, Withernsea and Paull Primary schools for their hard work during these difficult times. The lengths they all take to ensure the safety of everyone daily is above and beyond. Their efforts to ensure I could still attend their schools during the pandemic to read my story to the children, was nothing sort of outstanding. I will be forever grateful for the wonderful opportunity they all gave me".

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