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23 Nov 2021- Paull Primary School a first for Kirsty-Louise, Author of Santa's Lost Buttons.

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

The FIRST EVER Author school visit for Kirsty-Louise took place at Paull Primary School, near Hull, East Yorkshire.

The amazing little school on the outskirts of Kingston upon Hull, in East Yorkshire, with just 56 students Kirsty noted as a credit to the village of Paull.

A meet and greet book signing area in a delightful library, with spectacular wall art started the Author visit with a bang! A hot cup of Yorkshire tea provided by Mrs Katylee Stephenson, Early Year Practitioner at Paull Primary was accepted by Kirsty with huge thanks.

Head Teacher, Mr Rowe popped along to say hello with his daughter Alice who had the privilege of collecting the first of the Author signed books. More students followed in a very polite and orderly manner. All children were armed with questions and filled with wonder. Although some were shy, it didn't take long for shy voices to find their way out - much to Kirsty's delight.

Mr Rowe and a beautiful daughter Alice - who soon found her voice!

Joining the rest of the students, teachers and parents in the classroom after book signing, Kirsty gave a short introduction about herself as the Author and a synopsis of Santa's Lost Buttons.

Before the story began, student, teachers and parents were treated to a Show and Tell as Kirsty showed a real Santa's wooden button from her magic spectacle case!

Showing the room the real wooden Santa's button with its wonderful aroma of firewood and chocolate, Kirsty proceeded to begin working on the magic and power of imagination within the audience.

Show & Tell - The real Santa's button actually does smell of firewood and chocolate!
"The smell, still present on the button today, is from the bright orange, red and yellow flames of the warm and cosy real fire at Santa's House. You see, Santa sits down before the fire with Mrs Claus every Christmas Eve. They drink their cocoa as they chat away as Mrs Claus sews Santa's buttons on to his red iconic suit".

Showing the audience the button Kirsty asked if they could see Santa's Button inscribed along the top of the little button? The room excitedly reported indeed they could. When asked if they could see the secret message along the bottom of the button, the room, quite baffled, reported they could not see the secret message at all? Kirsty then claimed

"There is only one explanation, we possibly have a none Believer in the room!"

The children gasped as teachers and parents proclaimed their innocence!

"Let me tell you the story of Santa's Lost Buttons. Once we have finished reading together, I will show you the real Santa's button again and hopefully the none Believers in the room will be Believers and you will all see the secret message".

Kirsty then gently wrapped the real Santa's button in a black silk cloth and placed it safely on the table.

Engaged students and parents. Is there a button to be found on this page?

The audience were engaged throughout. Both students, teachers and parents followed Belle, the cheeky North Pole Elf, in finding Santa's Lost Buttons around the world. Everyone happily joined in when asked on each page if Santa had lost a button and if the button could be found?

Delighted screams of "yes! there it is!" could be heard across the Humber as the audience spotted a button.

Around the world we go! Where on Earth are are Santa's Lost Buttons?

The end of the story came with students, teachers and parents laughing and showing signs they truly were exhausted. Performing along with Kirsty reading Santa's Lost Buttons, screaming excitedly at the turn of every page, is truly an exciting experience.

The children then reminded Kirsty about the secret message on Santa's button.

Kirsty asked that all in the room to shout "I believe" as loud as they could. The whole room did just this, three times!

From the black silk cloth Kirsty revealed the real Santa's button once more that had been safely tucked inside throughout the story.

Showing teachers and parents who delightfully and somewhat relieved, agreed they could see a magic message along the bottom of the real Santa's button. The students were excitedly trying to get a peek.

Kirsty then slowly turned the button to the children who were by now all sitting wide eyed, holding their breath.

"Yes there it is! I see it! I see it!

The children cheered and clapped and hugged each other. The parents smiled and looked at their little ones with pride. Kirsty was relieved to know, the room was full of Believers once more.

Belle, the cheeky North Pole Elf with the real Santa's Button, but where's the secret message?

Would you like to know what the secret message says on Santa's real wooden button?

Well, do you Believe?

Author readings and book signing visits to nursery, KS1 & KS2 are available. Please submit your request via CONTACT US.

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