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Perfect Reasons Publications - Website is Live!

Kirsty-Louise Garbutt is delighted to announce the arrival of her Award-Winning Author and E-Com Website!

Welcome to Perfect Reasons Publications!

Hello! Thank you for subscribing! We are so very pleased to meet you!

Below is a short introduction to Kirsty-Louise, what's happened thus far, and what to expect from Perfect Reasons Publications.

We promise not to blog bomb you every day or bore you either!

The bit about Kirsty-Louise Garbutt

Perfect Reasons Publications' Award-Winning Author Kirsty-Louise Garbutt found her passion for writing when she was eight years old. Her debut Children's book, Santa's Lost Buttons, with a real wooden button from Santa's workshop, was released in November 2021, making Kirsty a published Author at 46.

Taking almost 40 years to become published, Kirsty had this to say; “Never give up on your dreams, they will come true if you just believe in yourself. Remove any roadblocks tampering with your progress and simply go for it!”

Born and raised in the spectacular city of Kingston upon Hull, Kirsty is proud to call herself a Hullensian despite, at 8 years old, moving from the city to Withernsea, a seaside town on the east coast of England, some 18 miles from Hull.

Kirsty’s childhood, growing up with the beach outside her window and having two older brothers and a foster sister to play with, provided a plethora of material for Kirsty to create exciting stories even then. The memories she gathered from her childhood antics and adventures are what inspire Kirsty. The experiences she had, and the people she met are what she draws upon when creating imaginary worlds and characters for her young readers today.

Kirsty now resides in the beautiful village of Keyingham to the east of the city of Hull where she enjoys the country walks right on her doorstep, swimming, and writing. Kirsty giggles with tongue in cheek when adding to her pastimes “and patiently await being promoted to Grandma”. Known as Mama Bear to her grown-up children Nathaniel and Imogen, Kirsty was delighted to welcome Megan to the family when Nathaniel married Megan in August 2021. Kirsty beams with pride when talking of her daughter Imogen being the first to go to university and looks forward to her graduation. Kirsty is very close to her Mum Lesley who claims to be her best friend and with whom she adores and spends most of her time with.

The success Kirsty has experienced to date she credits to her family, friends, and community. Smiling Kirsty had this to say; "Their strength and support have simply been breathtaking. The success of Santa's Lost Buttons picture book is because of them".

With two new titles, Hullabazoodle and the first in the ELF.B.I Series, planned for release in 2022, Kirsty looks forward to a bright and happy future in writing exciting stories for children.

2022 Highlights & Blogs

January: Letter from HRH Duke and Duchess of Cambridge thanking Kirsty for their copy of Santa's Lost Buttons picture book for the Royal Children.

February: Celebrating Award-Winning Author status from prestigious Mom's Choice Awards

More on these and other blogs regarding the adventure for Kirsty thus far are available on the website via the BLOGS button below.

Children's Picture Books: Santa's Lost Buttons & Hullabazoodle

Santa, Belle the Elf and the Button have fast become part of so many lives. Reviews across all platforms have been outstanding. The book is available to purchase via the Perfect Reasons Book Shop, Waterstones, The Book Depository online, and various independent gift stores across the UK along with Mom's Choice Awards website for the USA!

You can purchase and see more on the book via the BUY ME button below.

Hullabazoodle, Kirsty's second children's picture book is due to be launched within the first half of 2022. The VIP pre-order list shows early signs of the release being as successful as, if not better than, Santa's Lost Buttons! Hurrah! You can learn more on Hullabazoodle via the BLURB button below.

"Thank you!"

from Kirsty-Louise

"I am so very grateful for your kindness and support, more than simple words can express. I would be most honored if you stayed with me on this new and exciting adventure. Quite frankly, it wouldn't be the same without you! Please take a look around the website, if you haven't already and let me know what you think. Please enjoy the 5% discount on your first purchase which is just a small thank you from me to you."

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