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Christmas on the Farm in Cornwall for Santa’s Lost Buttons Picture Book and The Farming Mother

Perfect Reasons Publications is deeply honored and most humbly moved to be part of The Farming Mother's Christmas Event on the Farm for Neurodiverse Children & Adults

The Farming Mother is a community interest company operating from a delightful farm in Brighton Cross, Cornwall, UK. The Farming Mother provides animal therapy, education, and support for children and adults who are neurodiverse with an extended loving arm of support to their families too.

Speaking with Keeley Reading CEO and Founder of The Farming Mother, about her business, what the farm is all about and how it can help families, Keeley had this to say

We absolutely adore what we do and love creating magical events that a typical neurodiverse individual may find a struggle to cope with. Sensory overload, being unable to conform to normal event procedures such as queuing, can raise difficulties for the individual and families attending with them. We provide effects that work with our visitors to support them, understand their needs, and make it manageable for them and their carers. This way everyone gets to enjoy our amazing events"

Keeley wanted to provide Santa's Lost Buttons picture book for the children to take home with them after their festive time spent at the farm (and give to the parents, in secret for them to hide, a magic Santa button for their children to find on Christmas morning when Santa has been!)

Partnering with the amazing author, Kirsty-Louise, is an awesome opportunity for us to deliver a truly special and magical Christmas for the children. Santa's Lost Buttons is fabulously funny and the children will love it. The story is also such a heartwarming tale from a very special author who truly engages her audience with its magic" Both author and book have the Farm's gold seal of approval!

Thank you Keeley! So, what can visitors expect at the Christmas Event with The Farming Mother?

• A winter wonderland atmosphere with the farm being transformed with lots of lights and magic!

• A visit from Santa with a Christmas Eve bag for the children

• Mrs Claus' yummy festive treats

• Meeting the animals including Santa's standby goats who are reported to have undertaken flight training! (just in case they're required to pull the sleigh on Christmas Eve!)

• Special arts and crafts activities too!

We think it sounds like a truly magical experience for the whole family to enjoy and we wish you all a spectacular fun-filled festive experience!

For more information about The Farming Mother, purchase a ticket for the Christmas Event (3rd & 10th December - 11:00-1330) or book a visit to the farm, please click the button(s) below.

To purchase Santa's Lost Buttons picture book and real Santa button from Perfect Reasons Publications ~ click on the button below.

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