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Perfect Reasons Publications & Santa's Lost Buttons Team Up With The Kreative Kidz Box!

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Main feature status for Santa's Lost Buttons picture book in children's Christmas activity subscription box!

Perfect Reasons Publications is pleased to announce the fourth collaboration this Christmas with The Kreative Kidz Box, claiming back that precious family time.

Santa's Lost Buttons picture book and real wooden Santa button will feature as the star attraction in this year's Christmas subscription box for children.

Business owner and creator of the Kreative Kidz Box, Wanda Ramsey has confirmed Santa's Lost Buttons book will feature in their Christmas box this year. Wanda commented how passionately she felt about providing alternative activities for children by giving them a box full of fun with lots of exciting things to do and in turn helping parents to reduce their little one's screen time.

It does concern me a little how much time children spend on technology these days. Inspired by my grandchildren, my passion is to make it easy for families to introduce their children to new experiences, educate and inspire creativity and make memories by providing everything you need in one box.

Wanda also recalls the years when her children were young and the struggle she faced in finding time for those precious moments to entertain her little ones

As a working mum of four boys, I struggled to juggle many things, missing out on fun baths and bedtime antics because I had to work evenings and weekends with no childcare. Finding time to do family things was very difficult. That's why I believe with Kreative Kidz boxes, I can help save parents precious time and money by providing fun activities all in one box, delivered directly to their door. A little like Santa himself - only he uses a chimney!

The Kreative Kidz Box is launching bi-monthly and quarterly subscriptions this month with the added ease of buying a one-off special such as the Christmas box. The contents of the sensational activity box, other than Santa's Lost Buttons, are to remain this year's seasonal surprise for her customers. Wanda is confident everyone will find it great value for money and simply adore the Christmassy contents inside!

To register your interest in The Kreative Kidz Box Christmas edition as a one-off purchase or to subscribe to their annual subscription, please click the button below. Registration for the Christmas box has now been extended to 12th November 2022.

To purchase Santa's Lost Buttons from Perfect Reasons Publications,

please click the button below for ease.

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