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Perfect Reasons Publications Christmas Collab with Cherrygrove Bits & Bobs Story Cushions!

What! Another Christmas collaboration for Santa's Lost Buttons picture book and real wooden Santa button! Well ~ we're simply tickled Christmassy red!

We literally fell over with excitement when we received the prototype Santa's Lost Buttons story cushion from Cherrygrove Bits & Bobs owner and creator Amanda Wilson.

Santa's Lost Buttons storybook cushion is totally handmade with lots of love by Amanda and her supersonic magic sewing machine. Speaking with Amanda throughout the project it was clear what she had in mind for the special cushion from the get-go

My dream was to create not only a cushion that would store the book but also have extra pockets to pop in a cuddly toy and Christmas Eve treats. Perhaps a Gonk, which I also create, sweets and sachets of hot chocolate for a special bedtime drink to enjoy together with Mummy & Daddy or Grandparents as they read the book and listen for sleigh bells. All the elements to create the magic of Christmas.

Amanda purposely designed the main cushion panel to have a midnight sky effect for the family to enjoy the Christmassy story together before the little ones took off to bed under instruction not to peak when Santa arrived!

Amanda also had to add

At £20 for the storybook cushion or £30 to include Santa's Lost Buttons, this would make a perfect alternative to a Christmas Eve box. It will store Santa's Lost Buttons picture book and the secret of the button for many years to come. It's also a lot more squishy and cuddly than a hard box too!

Amanda, we absolutely agree with you! What a super safe place to store the festive storybook and Santa's button, should the jolly man call at your house on Christmas Eve and lose a button of course!

So you better be good, you better be nice ~ he's making his list, he's checking it twice, he's gonna find out who's naughty or nice!

To order Santa's Lost Button Story Cushion with or without the book from Cherrygrove please call: 07714 101182 or use any of the social media links below!

To order Santa's Lost Buttons picture book please use the button below for ease.

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