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Santa’s Lost Buttons Picture Book to Collaborate with Mood Lift Box as Star Product!

Perfect Reasons Publications is pleased to be collaborating on this new Mood Lift Box with business owner Adriana Nicolle.

We are delighted with yet another collaboration that will see Santa's Lost Buttons picture book and wooden Santa button as the star product in this spectacular subscription box! Designed and created by Adriana Nicolle specifically with busy business mums in mind!

We asked Adriana Nicolle "what is a Mood Lift Box?" Here's what she had to say

A Mood Lift Box is a well-thought-out and planned feel-good box aimed at busy business mums to help keep them organised and positive for their busy day ahead. A themed subscription box is provided at set periods throughout the year which can be cancelled anytime or even bought as a one-off purchase.

We are well impressed with the Christmas Mood Lift Box! Take a look at what is inside!

The Christmas Mood Lift Box is Adriana Nicolle's first box to launch this new business. Kirsty-Louise Garbutt, double award-winning author of Santa's Lost Buttons at Perfect Reasons Publications was keen to help with the launch of this new venture.

Kirsty-Louise had this to say in support of the new product

The Mood Lift Box is designed to create peace of mind for busy working mums. Often we feel the need to throw ourselves into work to provide our families with a good lifestyle. The Mood Lift Box reminds us it's OK to take a break and take care of ourselves too. We're doing a great job so can spend time with the kids and read a book, or have a brew and a mince pie without battling with mum guilt. We really can have it all. The Mood Lift Box gets my vote for these perfect reasons and that's why I am happy to be part of this festive subscription box launch along with Santa's Lost Buttons playing a pivotal part.

Adriana was keen to provide the fun and festive children's book with her quality business items so busy mums could take a break with the little ones and read Santa's Lost Buttons with a cup of cocoa and a chunk of shortbread!

We couldn't be happier with the thought and vision of that cosy setting too!

For more information about subscribing/purchasing the Christmas Mood Lift Box, please contact Adriana Nicolle via the button below

To order Santa's Lost Buttons picture book and real wooden Santa button, please use the button below for ease.

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