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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Choosing a Winner of the Hullabazoodle 1872 sketch competition, proved a tough choice for the Judges!

Perfect Reasons Publications recently launched a sketching competition for children. The rules were to be as wild and crazy with their interpretation of one or more of the following creatures;

* Kangaroo Rat

*Tiger Moth


*Rhino Beetle

*Wolf Spider

Children were asked to sketch whatever came to mind when they heard the names of these creatures, which really do exist in our world today!

After submitting their sketches, many of them took to #Google to source further information on each creature and were surprised by what they discovered! We had great fun with messages of "Whoa! A Wolf Spider is freaky!"

WINNER: Charlie Pulford's submission of a Rhino Beetle which PRP judges thought was impressively imaginative, crazily creative, and had a great deal of outside-the-box thinking.

Hullabazoodle 1872 picture is expected to be released in May 2022 and we cannot wait to show you the wonderful illustrations of the creepy creatures with two names that roam the zoo at night!

Doodlebug, with his magic pencil cane, has doodled the creatures that live at the zoo exactly how he sees them in his mind's eye. We can only assume, they will look somewhat different from what they look like in real life!

News on the launch date of Hullabazoodle 1872 will follow in the coming weeks so please stay with us for this exciting new launch!

Finally, we must say a huge congratulations to Charlie who will receive a signed copy of a Limited First Edition of Hullabazoodle 1872 hot off the press!

With Love

KLo and The PRP Team

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Well done to the winner and everyone who took part in the competition 🏆😀

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