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Perfect Reasons Publications - Santa's Lost Buttons on a Waterstones Christmas Mission!

We made it to Waterstones!

Santa's Lost Buttons Picture Book has made a

giant leap toward stardom!

Picture courtesy of Michaela-Jayne Edwards and Daughter

collecting Santa's Lost Buttons picture book from Waterstones at Meadowhall, UK.

Perfect Reasons Publications

We Have An Exciting Mission

Can You Help?

now, we are literally networking like crazy on and off social media. Our mission is to direct, with love, as many of our supportive readers, like you, to Waterstones to purchase their copy of Santa's Lost Buttons picture book and button. Purchases via Waterstones will add weight to when the big Waterstones' bosses look at what is hot each season and decide what to stock on their shelves. Your help with our mission is priceless and there are no words to describe what your part will achieve.

What do you need to do? Simply purchase Santa's Lost Buttons online at Waterstones (direct link below) or request Santa's Lost Buttons in-store at Waterstones whilst you're out shopping one day. This would encourage local store managers to stock Santa's Lost Buttons in store for your region.

Having received orders from Waterstones last week, which tickled us pink I must say, we are definitely on the right track and our hard work together, is paying off.

We will continue to move forward and keep striking hard while the iron is hot. We will not let you down!

Purchasing directly from Perfect Reasons Publications, Amazon, Book Depository, and various independent bookshops is still available. Should you not wish to go to Waterstones by all means please d use the other outlets.

Other Exciting News!

Hullabazoodle 1872

Meneer Marcelo, Illustrator of Santa's Lost Buttons and Hullabazoodle 1872, has requested for the release to be delayed on Hullabazoodle, just ever so slightly. Honestly, this is for a very good reason which we think you will be ecstatic about!

Being the ultimate perfectionist that Meneer is, when drawing the first sketches for the storyline, he undertook further training alongside his work to improve even further his spectacular skills in illustration. Meneer was excited to try his newly learned techniques on Hullabazoodle and requested permission for a change in direction.

With the utmost respect for Meneer, and of course, wanting the best for our young readers, it was agreed to allow Meneer to follow his heart and ideas.

We must say, what a brilliant decision that was! Meneer has now worked tirelessly on his 3D effect illustrations that we know you will be amazed at! The children will not be able to put the book down and want to turn each page with excitement and wonder!

Our goal is to provide exciting stories with eye-popping illustrations for our young readers to encourage them to return to the story and read with delight, over and over again. I am sure you will agree, this is our ultimate goal together, as author, Illustrator and parent/guardian to encourage our little ones to be excited about reading and reducing screen time.

Thank you for being patient and staying with us. We do appreciate you and your support wholeheartedly. We are sure your wait will most definitely be rewarded once you have your copy of Hullabazoodle 1872 in hand and your little ones think you're the best grown-up in the world for getting them their own copy!

What's to come?

In future blogs, we will be talking about collaborations, subscription boxes, partnerships, book tours, school visits, and of course the eagerly awaited third book by Kirsty-Louise Garbutt which follows Santa's Lost Buttons; as the first of The ELF.B.I. Series details will be announced.

...and finally from Kirsty-Louise

Have a wonderful Jubilee weekend celebrating our Queen's reign. Eat, drink and be merry. I most certainly will be having a few, fizzy drinks, shall we say, and sharing the wonderfully baked products from Grandma of fairy buns and quiche as we have a traditional garden party! Most of all... just enjoy a three-day working week - WHOOP! WHOOP!

With Love

KLo x

Kirsty-Louise Garbutt, Author/Owner of Perfect Reasons Publications

Meneer Marcelo, Illustrator & Genius!

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