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MIB Awards for Author of the Year 2022 - Kirsty-Louise Garbutt, Perfect Reasons Publications

MIB International Award for Author of the Year 2022

As you will recall Perfect Reasons Publications' blog posted in August confirmed Kirsty-Louise Garbutt, author of Santa's Lost Buttons, as a Finalist in the MIB International Business Awards.

Following public voting across an array of entrepreneurial business women for a number of specialised categories, the award ceremony took place on the evening of 16th September 2022.

When the category for Author of the Year was announced, Kirsty-Louise recalls

I was looking at the list of authors in the category and kept to mind, I was the least well known across the MIB community for time served. Therefore, title for Author of the Year was a long shot and I would be more than happy to give it another shot next year. I didn't place myself in the top three alongside these amazing authors who were quite simply outstanding. I prepared myself to applaud, with gusto, the winner of my category as I had done for other deserving winners in each category over the course of the evening.

Much to Kirsty-Louise's surprise and delight, she fought off tough competition to take the title as MIB International Author of the Year 2022.

Upon hearing the announcement Kirsty-Louise had this to say

I was exstatic beyond measure and of course completely shocked! I had attended the Awards with no expectations nor even prepared a speech! I was humbled at being featured as a Finalist this year, to win the same I had not given a second thought.

Celebrations thereafter took place into the early hours of the morning as Kirsty-Louise remained in high spirits.

As Kirsty-Louise's celebrations drew to a close, she added

I have to thank everyone for voting for me of which there must have been more than I could ever have imagined. My fellow Authors all deserved to take the title of that I hold strong and true. All Winners and Finalists should be tremendously proud of their achievements. A huge thank you also goes to Leona Burton, CEO and Founder of MIB International for bringing a global platform to life where women can stand tall and shine in business.

From the Perfect Reasons Publkcations team, Thank You for your support that is unequivocally second to none and like no other.

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