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January 2022 - Royal Letter of Gratitude from Duke & Duchess of Cambridge for Santa's Lost Buttons

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

The Royal Letter, The Royal Seal and Kirsty-Louise Garbutt, Author of Santa's Lost Buttons Children's Picture Book and Real Santa's Button

Kirsty's letter of gratitude from Kensington Palace, HRH Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's residence, followed their receipt of Santa's Lost Buttons, gifted to them in December 2021.

Kirsty could hardly contain her excitement as the Postman delivered her most treasured item to date on January 6th, 2022. Kirsty had this to say about receiving the Royal letter;

"I posted a copy of Santa's Lost Buttons picture book with the button to the Royal parents at the palace in December 2021. I simply hoped the Royal children would receive it and be able to join in on the fun and feel the magic of Christmas like many other children have. I truly just wished for the little Royal darlings to experience the same magic of Christmas as other children. I didn't think I would hear from the Royal parents in all honesty and was happy to merely think there may be a chance my book would be in the children's library. You can imagine my reaction therefore when I received the letter, I was jumping for joy and so happy."

Once the letter was posted on social media showing the wonderfully gracious Royals, sales of the festive book soared! Kirsty added;

"It was wonderful to receive sales on Amazon and through Perfect Reasons Publications Facebook page in January. The sales after Christmas reiterated what many people were claiming in their *reviews of the book, that this truly was a special book. I am certain the heartwarming and charming picture book will go one step further for Christmas 2022 and see it hit some major book stores!"

Santa's Lost Buttons' debut appearance in November 2021 has been a huge success for the new Author. Kirsty has great plans to write more festive stories surrounding Santa's buttons and Belle the North Pole Elf.

"I have many more festive stories in the pipeline to follow Santa's Lost Buttons. Belle the North Pole Elf certainly was not created for one story. Her character is so infectious and captivating. She is too popular to keep boxed up in just one adventure! There is more to come from the button and Belle that's for sure!"


Kirsty has exclusively released news on the Perfect Reasons Publications' website and Facebook page of her new children's picture book title, Hullabazoo 1872. The expected date for release to the public is yet to be confirmed but Kirsty has hinted the exciting and mysterious zoo should be ready to go live in April/May 2022.

Stay Tuned!

* For Reviews mentioned please see Review blog dated 24th January, 2022

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