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Happy Easter to YOU from Perfect Reasons Publications' Kirsty-Louise Garbutt

"Have you had an Easter Egg Hunt today?"

Hello to YOU! I thought I would drop by and wish you a Happy Easter, and deliver a brief update on Hullabazoodle 1872; my latest children's picture book.

Easter is all about being with family and sharing good times, creating memories, celebrating the true meaning of Easter, and having lots of CHOCOLATE!

Have you had an Easter egg hunt today? Creating a trail of clues and hiding treasure for children to follow, such as an Easter egg hunt, helps to develop a child’s observation and problem-solving skills while having baskets and bonnets of fun too!

To help my young readers develop these skills, it is my passion to write stories and create magical worlds which also explore a child’s imagination; such as Santa’s Lost Buttons and Hullabazoodle 1872.

I hope to be able to bring Hullabazoodle 1872 to your children in May 2022 so they can continue with their reading adventure. I will keep you posted with progress as the illustrations are submitted and approved.

Meneer, the Illustrator, is working really hard to complete the illustrations for the book. I am excited to say they are, quite simply, just WOW! Meneer's skill at producing realistic lighting effects has added a surreal period vibe to the spooky gas-lit zoo of Old London Town, which is in keeping with how the lighting would have been in the year 1872. I am looking forward with the utmost excitement to show you!

It gives me great joy to see children happy and engaged in a book, studying it page by page, learning to read the words, and living the story through the pictures. With this in mind, Meneer and I are making it our mission to ensure the illustrations and rhyming storyline are nothing short of the best for the best, which are our young readers!

Have a wonderful Easter and enjoy the Bank Holiday tomorrow. NO WORK for another day! HURRAH! (Apologies to those that do have work tomorrow!)

𝓦𝓲𝓽𝓱 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮



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