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Belle the Elf Sparkles into Life with Sarah Louise Manson Makeup Artist & True Cosmetics by Becky

Perfect Reasons Publications and Author of Santa's Lost Buttons, Kirsty-Louise Garbutt, left feeling tickled Christmassy Red by a live performance of Belle the Elf!

Social media influencer and makeup artist, Sarah Louise Manson, left Kirsty-Louise smiling from pointy Elfin ear to ear recently when Sarah launched a reel across her social media accounts acting a scene, in glorious festive technicolor, as Belle the Elf from Santa's Lost Buttons picture book!

Kirsty, double award-winning author of Santa's Lost Buttons and Sarah met via Mum's In Business International (MIB) at the beginning of 2022 during an online networking event hosted by Becky Gilchrist, Group Leader of MIB Dundee & Angus and Director of True Cosmetics by Becky.

Kirsty was blown away by Sarah's makeup artistry in hundreds of reels shown on Sarah's Instagram, Facebook and TikTok accounts and knew instantly Belle had to be brought to life by no other than Sarah herself.

Over the course of the year, Kirsty and Sarah spoke frequently and followed each other on social media as the secret plan to bring Belle to life was put into action.

Keeping this whole exciting plan a secret was a tricky mission for Kirsty!

Laughing wildly, Kirsty said

Keeping this a secret was like mission impossible for me! Sarah bringing Belle to life was huge! Holding out, especially from Becky who I spoke to regularly, was sooooooo hard but also, and a little bit sadistically of me, the best part! Finally, I could speak about it when the reveal came and Becky nearly peed her pants when she saw Belle - that's the sadistic side of me! But, Sarah and I were ecstatic with the reaction from Becky and thousands of others too!

Sarah also wanted to add

As the makeup used to create Belle was supplied by True Cosmetics by Becky, it was only right that she shared credit for bringing Belle to life and of course for introducing Kirsty and me at her Dundee & Angus online MIB event. I can't wait for her and everyone else to see what's next! I have a lot up my red and green elf sleeve!

Becky dubbed Nana G by her adoring True Cosmetics and MIB Dundee & Angus group members commented

The little bleep bleeps took me totally by surprise! I recall when I introduced them at my MIB Dundee & Angus event earlier in the year. I knew they would make a great team and be able to collaborate to bring Belle to life. I wanted to see Belle come to life myself, I love Santa's Lost Buttons! Then I heard nothing more about it until I saw the photographs and reel from Sarah! It's true, I peed myself with excitement! I just love it when a plan comes together and my MIB group members do something wonderful. That's what MIB is all about, empowering and supporting women - each other - in business, and in life too.

With all three women working together to create Belle the Elf, we at PRP are most grateful to Mum's in Business International's CEO and Founder, Leona Burton for providing the online Facebook networking platform! Without which, what a world it would be now, without Belle the Elf here in real life! Thank you Leona!

Special thanks to Sarah Louise Manson and Becky Gilchrist for their sensational efforts in bringing this idea to fruition and for providing material for this blog too! We are literally obsessed with you!

Wishing you both a wonderful festive season from

Perfect Reasons Publications!

If you would like to see Belle the Elf's live reel and follow

Sarah Louise Manson to see what's next

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