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Join Santa and The ELF.B.I. on a thrilling Christmas adventure in this captivating Children’s story.


When Santa’s sleigh goes missing on Christmas Eve, it’s up to you to find it. As you race around the world, your keen detective skills will be put to the test as you search for candy canes and Santa’s buttons that have fallen from the sleigh. But time is running out! Will you help by following the icy trail with Santa and The ELF.B.I. to locate the missing sleigh and save Christmas?


With teamwork, determination and a sprinkle of holiday magic, you will be able to overcome any challenge in this exciting icy tale.


Get ready for a fun and festive story packed full of adventure, mystery and holiday cheer that will keep young readers on the edge of their seats!


With Santa's Buttons falling from the sleigh all around the world, there's every chance you may find a real Santa button on Christmas morning!



What the Author says;



Well hello once again! I am above excitment, literally eeeking with joy to finally bring my second Children's Christmas advenure book to you!


The ELF.B.I. and the Search For Santa's Sleigh has been in production for quite some time. Attention to detail being a huge priority. Time, dedication and above all else, love and care has been poured into this storybook to create a visual delight for children and families to share together.


To aid visually impaired readers, large and carefully selected font has been chosen for ease of reading to ensure this book can be enjoyed by all children and adults alike.


Dodik Hendra, PRP's new and exciting Illustrator has worked wonders with his magical flare for fun illustrations, which shows throughout The ELF.B.I. I am sure you will simnply love and enjoy this spectacular Christmas delight!


This seasonal story continues the festive fun of Santa's Lost Buttons. The excitment of discovery and magic as you fly around world is all there for you to find and see.


So once again, sit back with a cup of cocoa and a cookie or two and snuggle up to your loved ones to enjoy this incredible icy adventure with Belle and Santa. Look out for candy canes and Santa's buttons that have fallen from the sleigh. Perhaps a cheeky little native character, full of mischief and festive frivolities will catch your eye from time to time.


EverLasting Faith Belief Imagination,


With Love

KLo x


Minimum age for understanding 3yrs

Minimum age for reading 4yrs

Age range for interest 0 to Non Believer - Oh No!


Package ~

1x luxury hardback book 210x297mm

1x real Santa Button for children to find on Christmas morning when Santa has really been!

The ELF.B.I. and The Search For Santa’s Sleigh

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