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In old London Town, a mysterious and wonderous zoo is preparing to host its grand opening at midnight. For those that dare to step through the gates, an extravaganza of weirdly wonderful creatures awaits you!


A low-lying layer of fog, as if on cue, adds to the mystery and intrigue as it slowly creeps its way through the dimly lit streets of London, swirling its way to the gates of the Hullabazoodle.


The full moon overhead shines brightly in the black velvety sky as thin grey clouds, like the torn gown of a ghostly figure, move slowly into place across the moon, thus setting the story’s eerie vibe.


As you are the first of Hullabazoodle’s guests, Doodlebug the ZooKeeper and his faithful pet Dogfish offer you a private guided tour of the new mysterious zoo.


Guiding you to the first enclosure along the crooked footpaths, aligned with gas lamps, Doodlebug magically displays, for your entertainment, golden doodles in the air from his pencil cane.


Doodlebug explains how he brings his doodles to life, all of which are the mystical creatures that now live within Hullabazoodle.


But wait! Approaching the enclosures, Doodlebug makes a terrifying discovery!


The enclosures are empty!


What happened to Hullabazoodle's creatures? Why have they all run away? Is something terrifying roaming around the zoo?


Danger lurks in the shadows but there’s no time to waste! Doodlebug and Dogfish need to find them and put them back in their enclosures before the crowds arrive at midnight! Will you stay and help?


BEWARE! One creature who roams loose is bewitched by the full moon and is on the hunt for you! Not all creatures are friendly! You must stay on your guard!





What the Author says



I enjoyed researching and writing this book so much! My aim was for the adventure to be the first that children read as they learn to use their observation and problem-solving skills in a world of the weirdly wonderful, eerie, and mystical.


Hullabazoodle is an exciting interactive story that will have children thoroughly inspecting each page looking for clues as they work their way around the zoo in search of creatures hiding in the dark.


The book is perfectly illustrated to engage young readers and written in rhyme to encourage them to read along. Carefully written with adults in mind too, the story’s easy reading style will ensure they feel like the world's best storyteller and enjoy reading aloud with gusto!


As children and adults alike, navigate through the zoo and discover different creatures along the way, they will come to understand the creatures at the Hullabazoodle are actually real in their world too! Although, they perhaps look a little differently at this particular zoo!


Minimum age for understanding 4yrs

Minimum reading age 5yrs

Age range for interest 4-10yrs


Inc in your purchase:

1x luxury quality hardback book 297x210mm - 36 pages approx 740 words


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