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Dodik Hendra Joins Perfect Reasons Publications Illustrators Team! A Very Happy New Year To You!

Please allow me to introduce you to Dodik Hendra and welcome him to the Perfect Reasons Publications Illustrators Team.

Dodik will be the spectacular magic behind the illustrations for the upcoming ELF.B.I Series.

Following the success of Santa's Lost Buttons, Belle the Elf and Santa are continuing their festive adventures with the first of the ELF.B.I stories due to be released early in Q3 of 2023.

As you can clearly see by the illustrations from Dodik's previous books, he is one very talented illustrator indeed! I for one am so excited to see Dodik's work throughout the year!

I am also pleased to announce, Meneer Marcello, illustrator for Santa's Lost Buttons picture book, will continue to illustrate Hullabazoodle, due for release early in Q2 of 2023! Meneer will also remain on the team for promotional material and future projects.

I think you will agree it's going to be a spectacular year with these two extremely talented illustrators! I am so very happy you are here with me to witness their work as the magical mystical stories unfold!

Thank You!

𝓦𝓲𝓽𝓱 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮



Please check out Dodik's Instagram account to see

the man behind the illustrations hard at work!

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Rebecca Tonks
Rebecca Tonks

Both Hullabazoodle and the new illustrator Dodik look amazing! Exciting times ahead ❤️

Bec T x


Thank you so much Bec! Super excited to have Dodik on the team! Meneer, I am gassed to say is staying with us too! We couldn’t be more excited to see both of these fabulous illustrators take on their projects wiith Hullabazoodle and the ELF.B.I Series!

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