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Join Santa and ELF.B.I Agent Belle in this magical tale of mystery and enchantment with a sprinkle of holiday magic.

With their hearts full of kindness and generosity received this Christmas Eve, Belle and Santa rest upon a snow topped roof.

Suddenly, strange noises followed by paws with claws and piercing bright blue eyes emerge from Santa’s sleigh!

Santa and Belle escape to safety and hide behind a chimney pot. Here they begin to piece together clues as they look back over their travels to figure out what is hiding in Santa’s sleigh.

Can you help Santa and Belle uncover Santa’s mysterious stowaway? More importantly, is Santa’s stowaway friend or foe?

Santa’s Stowaway, a heartwarming tale celebrating the Magic of Christmas, the importance of working together and capturing precious memories to share with loved ones.



What the Author says;



Hello my fellow Believers! Just one year has past and here we are with my third festive adventure with Belle of The ELF.B.I and of course the jolly man himself, our very own Santa Claus!


The ELF.B.I and Santa’s Stowaway is brought to you with spectacular holiday magic created in the illustrations by Joshua Mitchell-Taylor. Joshua’s flare and creativity is shown in his artwork which captures holiday hilarities throughout Santa and Belle’s adventure whilst merging those moving moments beautifully.


This year’s festive fun continues to introduce children to countries from around the world. Bite size information is softly provided, along with flags from each country to help broaden your little one’s knowledge of the world we live in. Their excitement to learn with the help of pure Santa magic will enthral and delight their hearts and minds. The thought of this alone is my greatest achievement and utmost delight.


So once again, for the third year on Christmas Eve, sit back with your loved ones and enjoy a cup of cocoa and a festive snack and enjoy the adventure you are about to unfold! Look out for Santa's buttons that have fallen from Mrs Claus’ button sack and count them as you travel from one country to another. How many can there be?


With EverLasting Faith Belief & Imagination,


All My Love

KLo x


Minimum age for understanding 3yrs

Minimum age for reading 5yrs

Age range for interest 0 to Non Believer - Oh No!

Inc in your purchase:

1x luxury quality hardback book 297x210mm - 32 pages approx 700 words

1x wooden Santa Button 1.5 inch (from Santa’s workshop with a secret message!) to hide after Santa has been!

ISBN - Limited First Edition Sold Privately

The ELF.B.I and Santa’s Stowaway ~ Limited First Edition

Coming September 2024
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